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Correcting Errors

Where do we start?

There is are so so many things we do that are wrong that need  righting.

I think of pedophiles, the compulsive pornographer's, wife beaters, cruel priests or controlling administrators?   Mean Fathers or Mothers, Cruel teachers or bosses. Murders and rapists.

When confronting these persons they have a side to their story of their innocence and justification for their behaviors. Everyone is seeking understanding even the murderer and pedophile.

But does this make their behavior right? Of course not?

A murderer seldom says "Help me to change" but rather I justify my behavior  because..."

How does a murderer, or a wife beater change?

The murderer took his victim, the wife beater threw his blows.

Now what? Who cleans up the messes.

We spend much of time correcting the offender and criminal and place little value on the victim.


Because we do not want the criminals to repeat their gesture. But in order to not make the criminal repeat their gesture we the people need to be aware and alert and prepared to confront the wrong doer and wrong thinker in their tracks.

We see the signs and the subtle hints. Confront them and address them immediately.

The Word of God ask us not to lord over people we must confront in love.

The reality is that we might not be that good at cleaning emotional messes.


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