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The Problem with Christianity

Once upon a time there was Christianity.

The reality is that Christianity can never  be fully or perfectly practiced by anyone because no person is perfect.

Acting and being Christian is no easy task, no easy feat. Letting go of our ego, pride and ignorance are some of the hardest things we humans find hard to drop. That is, the choice to act righteous in our obstinate and unyielding irrationality.

Christianity that is the written Word of our Lord Jesus Christ convicts us of our irrationality.His way is not hogwash, is not rubbish or not a scam or is not outdated. What it is, is too often misunderstood.

Too much internet, to much of the cellhone and too much static has left us humans with less and less freedom to think, reflect and ask questions.

We have no time or little of it to STOP and consider and ponder the wisdom and truth of what Christ the LORD said while on earth and which to this day and forever rules all things and space.

Number one. No one has communications problems with chairs, forks or any item for that matter. Rather we have issues and problems with human beings that is people. Resistance between minds and discord prevail. Why?

People are our greatest problem on earth. What people say and do are our greatest pains to solve.

Christianity is trying to help us along while we exist one earth.

How one asks?

Let's take some examples:

Do not commit adultery. Some and many think that committing adultery is no crime, yet if it were our own marriage that a stranger imposed upon then we hurt the most. Adultery causes a lot of emotional and personal hurt. Because there is a building up of goods and property and lives which need to be mitigated. God wrote this commandment so that one does not hurt the other in a manner that is cruel. People do fall out of love and into love over and over again. But the true test of character is to stick with what you've got. That takes more courage and in the end your faithfulness is rewarded with blessings. This is not a religious take but a common sense approach that any person benefits from.

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. How many times have we said to much. Or said something we come to regret. Humans can talk to much. We can say more than we should. We curse others, we malign them, we gossip and say mean things. We ruin people's reputations and cause them pain. 

The Word of Christianity ask us to be careful how we use our tongues. That we are to use our tongues to bless others and not to hurt them. We are to reflect and ponder before we talk. Words have wings and they fly away and go to work. 

We know the loop holes and use them to our advantage but what does the LORD say. Vengeance is mine says the Lord I will get back at anyone who hurts you.

Christianity is not a religion but a human standard for all to adhere to toward harmony and goodwill.

Don't make the Bible a religion rather use it as a instruction book on acting wisely and giving you good advice that will not make you regret or stumble. Look at the point its making and adjust to it in behavior.

Give thought to your ways and ask the Holy Ghost for guidance and understanding. You will be amazed at the answers you hear in your mind. Say Holy Ghost I don't know what to do or how to answer this person. lease guide me.

Gal 5:1-26 9 behaviors indicating one has the Holy Spirit 1. love 2. joy 3. peace 4. longsuffering 5. kindness 6. goodness 7. faithfulness 8. meekness 9. self-control.

 Gal 5:17-21 -- 15 Behaviors Indicating that one does NOT have the Holy Spirit. 1. fornication 2. uncleanness (of body and mind and speech) 3. lasciviousness (lust &/or sexual desire) 4. idolatry (greed or covetiousness {Col: 3:5}) 5. sorcery (the Greek word literally means the use of drugs) 6. enmities 7. strife 8. jealousies (7 Deadly Sins -envy, jealously, greed, lust, slothfulness, gluttony, PRIDE) C.S. Lewis “All other sins are like flea bites when compared to PRIDE”) 9. wraths 10. factions 11. divisions 12. parties 13. envying’s 14. drunkenness 15. reveling, etc.






















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