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The Journey


Every soul has a story to share. For various reasons, a person can experience emotional blocks of pain and sorrow, especially when they do not know how to replace the demise with better, for which they feel clueless to attain. What is this phenomenon.

I think of the homeless,  prisoners, war torn countries, those who are overpowered, I think of victims of crime, children abandoned by parents worldwide. Evil and destruction and greed.

"The list goes on endlessly."

With our "structured" lives and less and less social interaction, the need for decent loving human contact is increasingly "outstanding."

We live our lives to ourselves, and even in company of others one can still experience deep feelings of void.

Growing up in the seventies was a nice time to be a child. I remember the neighborhood was friendly, and life was easy. There was no internet, no cell phones and getting together was a staple event, of our daily lives.

 I feared people.

Adjusting for me was difficult, at home, in school, at church- there was little place, where I felt comfortable. I was fine when I was doing what others wanted me to do. But when I cried out for my space and personality-here is where all hell broke loose. It was all down hill from there.

"I failed miserably."

When I look back at where I started in my early years of life to this day- its been an incredible fight, and as well a great leap of faith.

The marred face and bloodied corpse of Christ crucified, each situation, each rock, each pebble, each piece of our lives slowly being exchanged for His full & complete image of His glorified position, seated at the right hand of God, through us Christ who is the author and perfecter of our faith, His image becomes more and more clear, as in a mirror - reflecting His power manifested in our life.

"What about your life?"

God's promises, His Word has not changed since the early years of my life when I began to hear and entertain Christ's message of salvation.

What has changed, is my understanding of the Word and my relationship. When God asks us to love Him with all our hearts, mind and soul. I realized the other day, that He first loves me, with all His heart, He first loves me with all His soul, that He first loves me, with all His might.

Then the Word was ineffective, now its my treasure of strength, hope and direction in my life and for all eternity. My name is written in the lambs book of life. I am His child, where I enjoy all the benefits of protection, education, and wisdom and His favor. 

  • I have come to a fuller understanding and appreciation of God's Word.

  •  I now believe in a deeper manner and understanding that is becoming truer and truer, in my mind.

  • As I grow in God's grace and knowledge, I am more confident and free.

  • Therefore because I now believe more, I obey more and more out of a loving and respectful admiration for a God who cares for me deeply and who knows what I need before I ask Him.

Spending lots of time Italy, gave me a feeling of belonging and a grounding of who I was and the gifts and talents God placed within me, the art, the churches, meeting other artists as myself. God showed me that I too was an artist who can create.

 We all come to a place where we need to examine our lives and change simply because what we do, and how we think no longer serves us. 

Most importantly where do we go after we die, on our death bed what are we thinking and hoping for, for ourselves as we understand we are leaving a earthly existence, and to where are we going?

The awe and wonder that looms within our churches is this important solemn Holy Spirit which is to be welcomed and headed too. The beauty of the Clergy's apparel and role , the structures of the church, the ritual of saints taking of communion, collective praying, is a priceless ritual of humanity which we should closely cherish as something we never want to take for granted, rather recapture,rediscover and revive, today.

The reading of scriptures are glorious journey's of knowledge and wisdom for any society to richly benefit from, and for these reasons go to church, support it and build it up as you can.

Our spirituality is the most important investment we make for our lives. We do not fully understand what happens when we pass away, or the details of who or comes to take our soul. If it is true that our souls live forever then you want to know who's picking you up for the next life?

As we transition between earthly life and eternal life, make sure it's not satan because it is written that satan is already defeated and it's time on earth is limited.  Revelations 20:1 

I believe this is what is at stake. Your salvation and mine is more about eternity and living an existence of utopia and paradise after we leave this physical earth and life. With the vastness of the universe and beyond we might want to know where God is in case we get lost along the way.

And Jesus said to him in Luke 23:43

"Assuredly, I say to you,today you will be with Me in Paradise.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. "Then you will call upon Me, and I will listen to you."

Jeremiah 29:11                                                                                                 

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