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The Journey


This site began in February 2019, when Covid-19 forever changed our world.

I needed to keep busy through the initial long nights of the spread of the so called pandemic rather than sit in silence wondering how things would  turn out. Our world is in transition while we wait for key players to adjust the new world settings.

In the process I miss social interactions, access to institutions such as the library, or going to church to receive God's peace. Never again, do I want to take a person for granted. We need each other to grow,

With our "structured" lives and less and less social interaction, the need for loving human contact is increasingly "outstanding."

There is much sadness and evil in our world- yet today each one of us can decide to emit only goodness and love as much as it depends on us.  

When we are unfulfilled and unhappy we cause unhappiness and demise.

Yes and there is a better way. 

The self must be exercised toward wholeness, making self understanding and the commandment to love one's neighbor as oneself stand true. Otherwise we live in hell on earth.

A worthwhile journey begins with self reflection and examination this is why God asks us to search out wisdom and to gain knowledge and understanding. When we breath our last and step into the glorious kingdom of paradise ahead we will come to understand what it was all about- until then we continue to try with God's hand guiding us along the way.

This ministry depicts human struggle using art and spirituality toward fulfilling peace.

The marred face and bloodied corpse of Christ crucified, each situation, each rock, each pebble, each piece of our lives slowly being exchanged for His full & complete image of His glorified position, seated at the right hand of God, through us Christ is the author and perfecter of our faith, His image becoming more and more clear, as in a mirror - reflecting His power manifested in our life.

Depicting spiritual scenes of our everyday lives worked into pieces of art and expression of faith is what Gavaut Gallery is about. Join me in contemplating life and art through the Word. 

Buy, pray and support.  www.gavautgallery.com.