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"Give with the right heart"

The concept of giving was instilled in me at a young age through how I saw  my parents give selflessly.

The church taught me to tithe which is a spiritual practice originating in Ancient Israel, that is to give one tenth of one's earnings to a church, or needing cause. 

"Some go to the church from time to time, for choirs,or events such as Easter & Christmas celebrations."

The church is a place where many devote their lives for the sake and quality of their souls, and also to meet people of like mindedness- its a safe place where the youth can serve, make friends and learn to live within the confines of holy living.

Many believe the church takes peoples money so when the collection plates come around they do not contribute. I know because at times  when I was mistreated by mean clergy I would think why should I give and would literally pitch my offering grudgingly into the plate. There comes a time when we have nothing to give and this happens to all of us. Yet God has showed me that it is good to prepare one's offering before coming to church as a gift of reverence. Come to church prepared, think what your going to wear before hand, and not getting ready last minute.  Prepare to meet God. Attending church is a sacred ritual that should protect and preserve.  As time goes on make each visit exceptional by improving each Sunday or whatever day you worship, coming before the LORD with thanks, praise and with an offering however small. Come to church to worship the LORD in truth with genuineness to meet God Himself.

Clergy and those who serve in the church deserve their pay, just like you and I deserve our pay for the work we do in secular society. Do not make their task unpleasant.Clergy and Ministers need shelter, food and a quality of life, as we do, a roof over our heads and bills paid. Their lively hood comes directly from our giving and generosity. The clergy perform roles such as officiate baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals.These events are important markers in our lives, where church officials  get robed and prepared to officiate the ceremony in solemness of the event that mark important times in our lives.

When I was confirmed into the Anglican Church with my Reverend and Bishop present, It was an most important day in my life, in the eyes of the church and God.

The Reverend Beth Bretzlaff my pastor officiated, as Bishop of Ottawa John Chapman presided and the congregation witnessed my becoming part of a family of believers who change and move toward wholeness and completeness. Afterwards there was cake, and a certificate handed o me to confirm me into the Anglican Church. I was thrilled.

Everything today comes at a price. But its a fruitful investment and gives a good return always to invest in the life and support of the body of believers and the Temple of God physically and mentally.

Therefore giving and giving to the church for the reasons of what is does and works -for is honorable gesture of heart. 

Malachi 3:8 "Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me! But you say, "In what way have we robbed You? In tithes and offerings. you are cursed with a curse,For you have robbed Me, Even this whole nation.Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, and prove me know in this,"If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.

The Clergy which takes care of our souls and the place where we gather and is a source of deep spiritual need. We must take great care to value, respect and protect this space and to give generously to the church and to the Clergy, Ministers and the Priests of our societies. Too many times we needlessly slander servants of the LORD, yes things go wrong like in any profession. We have good apples and bad apples, in times as such pray for your leadership and be aware that they are people too needing our prayers so that they continue to do their work with strength, stamina and love.