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Q:  How will my order be affected by Covid-19?

A:  Business is resumed as usual.  Please feel free to reach out to customer service or email us at info@gavautgallery.com for regular updates on your orders.


Q: What is the mission and purpose of GAVAUT GALLERY?

A: This site began during the bleak winter months of Covid 2019. Our simple mission is to join sacred art, Scripture and to spread God's message of love and hope to all- through the products and blogs.


Q: What is Sacred Art?

A: Sacred art is where the work in question revolves around a theme, and idea. that contemplates the ideas of the trinity within its work.  Stories depicted in Ancient Religious Texts tell of events which try to express the Holy Spirit's presence in the work of Art or event making the work sacred. 

Q: Where is this company based?

A: We are based in Canada, Ottawa.